As such actions were q u i c k in their entirety, sugar coated 
             LIPS settled upon those of cold f i n a l i t y whose touch 
            could stop all t i m e [ an essence like spacial recognition ]
          for she was but captured in his net as a fly to a spider’s w e b
          — her v i c t i m i z a t i o n a play of passion and ECSTASY 
          THRUST upon the bosom until heat would rise to pale cheeks

      The contact is sweet and tasteful, lips moving in 
      their own rhythm. Eyes were closed, cheeks flaring
      red, just like a S C H O O L G I R L with her first 
kiss. Hands come to lift, fingers tangling within long 
      strands of hair as the sweet situation continued until
      finally, she endsit, taking a single step back when 
      completely s a t i s f i e d

                        ❝That was…different.


❝I don’t know. You could have
    done anything! Even if you
   were at work.


             I wish you’d grow up, Emma. Really, 
             I do. I’ve been nothing but good to you
             these past few weeks and you repay me
             by accusing me of doing w h a t e v e r it 
             is you believe me to have done. 

                        ———- Give me a damn break.



"Oh of course not.
That would be too much
like you taking responsibility
for a problem you caused.
And we certainly cannot have that.”

    Your sarcasm hasn’t gone undetected
    Catherine. I’m sure he’ll return in o n e 



      Blue orbs widen with excitement and a
      dark laugh rumbles in his chest as he
      bows to retrieve his shirt.

              ❝Alright, alright.  Don’t get your corset
              in a bunch over there — I’ll be sure to
              keep my clothes of your precious floor.❞

  Make sure you do. My threats 
  are not jests.

        ; Hazel orbs come to fall onto a 
        p e r f e c t l y formed chest, brow
        raising in a certain appreciation. ; 

                    ——- I have no qualms with resting my 
                    gaze on your physique, so long as 
                    you keep your garments out of sight.



     ❝  since i’m not his teacher anymore i don’t see
          why there should be a problem. however i think
          that teensy favor  would entitle me to ask,   on a
         date with who? ❞

        Quite the nosy little mite, aren’t we? But fine
        if this seals our deal, then I’ll tell you. ———-

                     ; A pause is followed by an awkward 
                     shrug, one hand lifting to move a strand
                     of brunette hair away from the Mayor’s 
                     face. ;

                          ———- Sheriff Swan.

      Are you mocking me?

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⊰ ☣ —— ;; ⊱


❝Okay, but like, I had a test today in Gold’s class and I had to cram last night. You can ask the librarian, I was in there until like, 3:00 AM studying.❞

     Despite that, it isn’t hard to keep your 
     eyes open and at least p r e t e n d to 
     have been interested in what I had to 

              ;; A sigh leaved pink lips, hazel orbs 
              filling with a form of hurt. She hated 
              it when her efforts went unnoticed. 
              Especially by those she cared about. ;;

     You know I hate having to discipline you 
     but I can’t let you get away without a warning.
     Just… just don’t do it again, okay?


                ❝Trust me, madame mayor, there are plenty
                   of men and women alike who ‘ogle’ at your
                   assets. You just don’t notice.


                                          ❝I certainly would not protest to that.

                Don’t be ridiculous. I’m well aware of what 
               people look at and it’s never my chest.

                                         She doesn’t sound so certain. 

          Why don’t you do the honours and 
         undress me? We both know how you
         l o v e to dominate.

crIES AT THAT MEME TBH. wow, it has honsetly tired me out and it wasn’t even me guessing. i’ve also realised that i totally missed one of my most favoured characters off that list: pam swynford de beaufort and i’m internally crying BC HOW CAN I HAVE FORGOTTEN SUCH PERFECT BEING? 

anyway, yes. thank you to all that guessed. Here are the lucky people who were correct. Y’all should follow them bc flawless beings. 

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