“Now why should
          I do that?”

     ❝ because i don’t want you here, sylar.
     you’re not helping. 


     out; i’m so self conscious of my writing and 
     my portrayal of regina atm. every time i 
     write i’m convinced that it isn’t satisfactory 
     and y’all don’t deserve shitty replies. idk, 
     i’ll try to be better but i am such a shitty 
     writer and should probably just… no


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◤ {~  ~} ◢ 

        when one finds out their not an only child, like  they’d thought
        their entire life —  one tends to over-think things. he’d spent a
        good few weeks pondering the situation, it’s not like he didn’t
        know who she was. the evil queen. his sister. he doesn’t know
                  whether to laugh, cry, or run away screaming.

  not the last. definitely not the last. he’s not the ‘run
  away screaming
' kind of guy.   but still — she's not
  exactly someone   everyone wants to be related to.

                         and that’s the problem. because a part of him   wants to be.
                         he wants a family,   since his was hardly   something to brag
                         about. shaking his head, sighing — regina breathed in deeply
                                      once, twice, before knocking on the door.

  it feels weird being here.   the mayor’s house.  the
  queen’s house.   his sister’s house. —   ( he’s still
  not used to saying that ) —  but it was   about time
  they talked, right?  figured   out what happened to
  separate the two   of them.   they’re twins  after all,
  and  it’s not   like her   parents,   his parents,   their
  parents - -   couldn’t afford to raise them both. not
  that he’s jealous, or anything. her life didn’t exactly
  turn   out   picture     perfect     and   he’d   already
  contemplated whether  he’d have become just like
                 her, if they’d stayed together.


                      shifting on his feet,  regis cleared his throat as his hands
                      wrung in front of him. he’s not nervous, he’s not nervous,
                      he’s not  nervous,   he’s not   —   he’s definitely   nervous.

                  there had been no talk of any siblings when 
                  regina was growing up.  no mention of an 
                  older sister, zelena,  who she had recently 
                  met under unfortunate circumstances.  or 
                  a twin,  regis, whom she had read about in 
                  her late mothers diary. for all of the time she
                  had spent with cora, there had been no talk
                  of such things.  one minute regina mills was 
                  an only child  & next, she had two siblings, 
                  one in which she had shared a womb with. 

     she’s in the kitchen as she hears a knocking against the front 
     door. a hand is wrapped around the handle of a wooden spoon,
     used to stir the apple and butterscotch soup she was currently 
     making for dinner. pursing her lips, she came to place the utensil
     down on the kitchen counter, turning down the heat on the oven
     before rubbing her hands together.  and with that, she made her 
     way towards the lobby of her home, clearing her throat when 
     wrapping her hand around the handle of the door.  she opened it
     slowly, one brow raising as she anticipated the reveal of the person
     on the other side. 

           ❝ regis, hi
                         can i help you

         Leave me alone



If she noticed the way in which Regina was suddenly before
her, larger than life, Irene did not let on. Frankly, she was
too mortified to really give it much thought.

Taking in a shuddering breath, she swiped neatly manicured
hands across her cheeks, jaw setting. Head high, shoulders
back, even pink-rimmed eyes could not take away from how
proud she looked.

“I believe,” she hissed “That I am having a reaction to this
 intolerable smell. Everything in this house is scented like
 apples. I’d have less of a migraine staying in a cider mill.”

The lie was weak, but her resolve was strong. Regina Mills would
not best her. Especially not when she was standing there, hair
disheveled (where no doubt shaking fingers had tugged at it) lipstick
smeared and eyes raw from her own emotional outburst.

“If you will excuse me…I remember a small tavern in town. Granny’s,
 right? I think it would probably be better for everyone if I stayed there

Away from you. If they don’t know, you can’t get hurt.

“Really, Regina, it’s like a bloody fruit salad in here.”

Pushing past her, heading back into the office where she’d left
her handbag, Irene bit the inside of her cheek and tried to keep
her resolve from wobbling.

Shit, shit, shit.

Regina catching her in a moment of emotional weakness had never
been part of the plan. But then again, neither were these loathsome
feelings that seem to have sprung up from nothing.

Getting out, really, was the only recourse.

Her heart hurt.

       Oh, how torturous love could be. It took its victims and swallowed
       them whole without any remorse. The Mayor’s lips pursed, not at 
       all certain on how to act as Irene suggested staying at Granny’s.
       Despite this event, she didn’t want that. She wanted the woman
       here, in her home so that she could keep her eye on her. She
       wanted her to be hersonce again, just like she had once been. 
       And she knew, god, she knew, that Irene had been crying. She 
       wasn’t born yesterday.

                 ❝ Why don’t you just stay? I’m sure we can tolerate
                one another for a few days.  

       Or weeks. She didn’t care. All she wanted was to know that Irene
       was safe, despite how upset she had made her. The British female
       would always hold a space in Regina’s heart and that hadn’t 
       changed. Not even after her little outburst. Of course it hurt, to 
       be rejected like she had previously been, but there was no point
       in dwelling and sending Irene out into some public hell. Ms. Adler
       wasn’t exactly the type to enjoy staying in accommodation with 
       other people. 

                       ❝ You’d be safer here with me and we both 
                       know it. 
                                   I shouldn’t have asked you that question
                                   but I had to know. As they say, curiosity
                                   killed the cat…  
       And by hell, did her chest kill. But she ignored that for now, 
       leaving her emotions for when she was alone again, in the 
       comfort of her own bedroom. 

                        ❝ I have the ability to protect you from anything,
                       no matter big or small. If you go out there without
                       me, you’ll have no hope. I’m a powerful woman, Irene. 
                       More than you could imagine.❞ 




It hurts.

Everything hurts.

Swallowing down the lump in her throat like it is nothing
than a pill that has gotten stuck on the way down,
The Woman does exactly what she excels at.

She acts.

All she wanted, needed, desired, was to get to her feet, wrap
her arms around her Queen, kiss away the tears that rolled
down her cheeks and whisper that she would love her until
the sun burned out and the earth was nothing more than ash.

But she couldn’t.

But she shouldn’t.

But she wouldn’t.

Irene might be, by nature, a selfish creature, but to put
Regina at risk like that, to poison her with the toxicity
that seemed to follow her around was not something she
could bear.

If Regina, or even Henry, were used to cause her harm…

The thought alone sent a wave of nausea through her.

What Mills would never know was that when she left,
Irene followed her into the hall. The door clicked shut
and at once, Adler was pressed against it, her
forehead resting against the smooth wood as the tears
burst forth.

For a moment, she was sure she could hear crying on the
other side, but then a car alarm went off and there was nothing
left but wailing. 


      The constant whirring of the alarm made her feel as though she 
       was going crazy. Her head was spinning, the aching in her temples
       growing more intense with every ring that was coming from her 
       vehicle. Tears continued their venture down her cheeks, soaking 
       her blouse as they fell from her flesh down onto the material of
       the attire she was wearing. Air got caught in the back of her throat 
       as she attempted to stop her weeping, a hand grasping at her 
       mouth, aiming to prevent any further noise to escape.

                    Through the constant sounding of the car, she composed
                    herself, regaining her breath until there was no sign of 
                    sadness. Her cheeks had dried, her expression contorting
                    into one of her usual masks. A mask that showed no care
                    or upset. The type that a strong woman would wear on a 
                    daily basis. 

       She waved her hand once again, this time halting the car alarm, 
       leaving the air filled with sweetsilence. And then she turned 
       around, body becoming engulfed in a puff of purple smoke that 
       transported her into the lobby of her home, right in front of Irene
       who was…

                                ❝ Turns on Henry is with his other mother.
                                 It totally slipped my mind. 

       Understandably, she knew that she would have to explain that
       little appearing act later on, but for now, she raised both brows,
       arms folding across her chest.

                          ❝ You can’t seriously be crying.
                          I only slapped you.      

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"No." There's a pause as she opens one eye to look at Regina, "Yours."

       There’s a moment of silence before Regina 
       realises EXACTLY what Bedelia had just said…

        ❝ You better not be serious. 


[throws herself down on Reginas sofa] [grumbles something about chewed up shoes]


          ❝ What’s the betting that those little mutts 
          ruined your favourite shoes? 


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AU - childhood best friends


         ❝ —— Regina ❞

         It’s a name that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth ( mainly down to the association it has with his childhood ) and one that he hardly expected to speak again but here they were, more than a couple of decades later. His eyes linger for a brief second before he steps closer trying to get a better look. It’s difficult to try and remain neutral in a professional environment but it’s something Oliver attempts regardless of how strained the effort is. Logically he knows that if Jude catches him gawking then her interest in the obviously new patient would spike ( if only to abuse the connection the two had ).

         As his footsteps approach, lightly so not to startle her, he wonders whether she would remember who he was. Judging by the less then fortunate experience of landing herself here he assumes that it’s a firm no, that she’s lost any resemblance of who they were in the orphanage and somehow ended up a mess. Of course Oliver knew better then anyone that there were more than a couple of innocent bodies lurking around these four walls so hope wasn’t completely vanquished. However that did make him painfully aware of just how quickly that hope could be snatched in a matter of seconds when he reached out to give her a gentle tap on the shoulder.

           She had recognised him as soon as she had entered the office. 
           Oliver Thredson, a blast from the depths of the past. A wave of
           nostalgia hit her as soon as her hazel orbs met with his form. The
           childhood she wished to forget sneaking up on her, reminding her
           of the past she had tried so hard to block out. And then she
           remembered where she was and the position he was in. She stood
           in the room, arms by her side, body dressed in a patient gown and
           her brown hues lacking any form of contentment whilst he reigned
           superior, an aid to talk to - to seek help from. For once, Oliver 
           had the upper hand over the once determined young female that
           Regina Mills was. 

                          They may have been best friends, but she had
                          dominated their friendship. She had bullied him, 
                          she had been the boss. & now, here was his chance. 

                                                       ❝ Hello, Oliver. 

           She tried not to show defeat within her tone, but she wasn’t 
           exactly successful. Bare feet brought her a few steps closer
           to his desk, although for now, she refused to sit down. She 
           just stood there, staring at him as though he was a ghost
           One she didn’t wish to see. 

                                     ❝ I’d say that it’s nice to see you, 
                                     but this isn’t exactly the grandest
                                     situation for a reunion. 

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